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    Brand Introduction

    Foshan Bogao Office Furniture Co., LTD., founded in 2006, is an office furniture enterprise integrating r&d, manufacturing, sales and service.

    The production base is located in Chancheng District, Foshan City, which can satisfy the customization and mass production of all kinds of baking lacquer products. We always adhere to the road of quality and innovation, grasp the development of The Times and keep pace with The Times.

    Bobbie O is a professional paint high-end fashion furniture brand affiliated to Foshan Bogao Office Furniture Co., LTD., committed to providing customers

    Office furniture products and services of science fiction and business space, with a marketing center and furniture experience hall of 6,000 square meters in Foshan, Guangdong province, China. Our products are sold all over the country and many foreign countries, and get high praise

    14 years

    Set up

    6000 square

    Marketing center

    72843 +

    Agent manufacturers

    Corporate Culture


    Purpose enterprise

    Grow together, sharing success with our employees grow together, achieve staff pursuit of office furniture business, the affirmation of the self and beyond to create opportunities for the employees, and we grow together with customers, and customers to share assets value-added brings the joy of creating value for customers with our partners, resource sharing, complementary advantages, combination, build brilliant we grow with the society, promote the national economic development, the revitalization of national scientific and technological progress, create benefit for the society

    The spirit of enterprise


    Innovative, pragmatic and dedicated

    Enterprise vision

    To build A Chinese furniture brand and a world-class furniture enterprise.

    Business philosophy

    People-oriented, win-win development; Win by quality and keep improving; Service first, continuous improvement.

    Service Scope

    Provide one-stop solution

    Professional design, professional products, professional team, all responsible for the actual effect of the whole process, consistent quality standards for customers to provide services.

    The market share

    It has invested a lot of resources in customer service, and achieved good results in mainland China's administrative organs, information industry, financial securities, energy and transportation, culture and education, and domestic and foreign enterprises, making tens of millions of product users satisfied.

    Quality assurance

    Famous design masterpiece + modern production equipment + professional production process quality and quantity guarantee effect.


    Product training and product features
    Company product training
    Explain product features and performance
    Explain product features and performance

    Enterprise Honor


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